Sneak peek: Yelle on City of Music


Though City of Music videos are usually centered around musicians from the Twin Cities, producer Dan Huiting and his crew at MPLS.TV have been working to add more national acts to their collection, and their latest video was quite the score: They met up with French dance band Yelle while they were in town to play First Avenue and filmed a video in a warehouse just outside of downtown Minneapolis.

[jump] Huiting tells us how it went down: "Our awesome Publicity Manager Carl Carpenter reeled in Yelle for this high-profile City of Music shoot. Ryan Thompson, our DP, called me earlier that week and said 'Could we shoot this on film?' I thought 'Could we?!' (The cost is usually prohibitive, but we pulled some favors and made it happen.) It was fun to take a risk and rely on Ryan and our other cam-op Jesse Cairnie to get the lighting ratios right. With film you don't get to see the final product till you process it. But, it turned out beautiful, and I'm excited to put it out."

The Yelle City of Music video drops this Monday morning on Gimme Noise, but for now take a peek at some photos from their shoot by Brad Ogbonna: