Slumber Parties Rock! By Amelia Huff, Age 10 1/2

This girl in my class called Skylar had a Slumbar party last Friday. I was so siked about it. What do I wear??? I cryed. And the answer was: PAJAMAS. New pajamas from The Children's Place. They were pink and green and not too babyish. Everyone said I looked super cute!!! But I did not say if I agreed because I am not a snob.

Skylar had 1 rule for the party: Everyone had to bring their favorite CD. I knew what CD I was going to bring. Have you heard of Steely Dan? They are my dads favorite band, so they are mine too. I love my dad!!! I hope he divorces megan. Anyway my dad lives in Hudson, Wisconsin, so I could not borrow a Steely Dan CD from him. I told my mom I just had to get the CD so I could bring it to the slumbar party. My mom said "Im not driving you all the way to Buttfudge Wisconsin so you can borrow a CD from HIM." So I made her drive me to Target and we bought a new Steely Dan CD. My mom is always in a bad mood these days. She needs to change her Pad or something! I think she needs to take about 50 pamprins.

NEway, I got the Steely Dan CD and then it was time to go to Skylar's house. I packed my backpack with lots of important stuff. Lip gloss, pajamas (of course) fresh underpants (LOL) and a very special present for Skylar, which was a bottle full of colored sand. I made it myself! It is beautiful and Symbalizes the love of freinds. Skylar is kind of fat so I didnt want to get her clothes. What if they didnt fit? I would look pretty dumb.

At Skylar's house we all took turns playing our CDs. Everyone brung the Hilary Duff CD, so I thought "Boy, Im pretty original!" I proudly put the Steely Dan CD into Skylar's Hello Kitty player. My favorite song came on. It is called "Deacon Blues." It is about a guy who drinks Scott's Whiskey all night long and dies behind the wheel. I guess Scott is his freind, although not a very good freind if he does drinking and drugs.

Anyway everybody was like, "Amelia, this CD is gay! It sucks! Why do you have it?" I couldnt beleive it! Steely Dan is so good! My dad even took me to see a band called Stealing Dan last year. They sound just like Steely Dan but are not the real Steely Dan. Kind of like how Skylar says she had boobs but it is just fat.

We also wached "Napoleon Dynamite." And Trista peed the bed, though Im not telling anyone.


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