Slug endorses Matt Entenza for governor

The Matt Entenza gubernatorial campaign has been full of WTF moments. Remember, this is the guy who picked a FOX 9 news anchor/jewelry entrepreneur to be his running mate. Then there was that false report that the Minnesota faction of the National Organization for Women endorsed Entenza over Margaret Anderson Kelliher (they actually endorsed both).

In keeping with this general strangeness, Sean Daley -- better known as Slug from Atmosphere -- released a YouTube video yesterday endorsing the Entenza/Robyne Robinson ticket.

"We need Matt Entenza and Robyne Robinson in the governor's seat this year," says Daley in the video. "So this year, on August 10th, I will be voting for the Legacy ticket: Matt Entenza and Robyne Robinson. Right now is the time to stand up and be counted."

The Twin Cities rapper doesn't offer much else in the way of explanation for the endorsement. Daley is also helping to spread the word for "Hip-hop Action Day," an event designed to up the voter turnout for the DFL primary, according to a release from Entenza's campaign.

Apparently Entenza is big with the local hip-hop scene. Brother Ali, P.O.S., Heiruspecs, Peter Parker, Desdemona, Maria Isa and St. Paul Slim will all be featured in similar videos endorsing Entenza, says Entenza campaign spokesman Jeremy Drucker.

Who knew?

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