Slug, Dem Atlas urge you to caucus in today’s peak Minneapolis moment


You’ve heard of Rock the Vote. Well, how about … er, um, Rap the Caucus?

Minnesota rappers Slug of Atmosphere and Dem Atlas appear in a new video for a group called Give a Shit, Mpls., which is trying to get more young people involved in the political process. But this isn’t just your ordinary, everyday get-out-the-vote campaign. Any lame city could do that.

No, this is Minneapolis, where earnest boosterism and indie cool are inseparable, and so the Rhymesayers notables are calling for you to caucus. That’s right, they want you to hunker down in a school gym for a few hours on April 4 with your cantankerous elders and help select political candidates. It’s easily the most wonkish moment in local hip-hop since Doomtree released their 2012 banger “The DFL Convention Still Needs People for the Rules Committee.”

I know, you’re watching this video thinking, “Who is this scruffy rap person to lecture me about civic engagement?” Then Slug puts on his glasses and you’re all, “Damn. I’d better listen to what this dude has to say.”

And yeah, you should. Caucusing isn’t just a public-spirited and responsible way to become active in the democratic process and all that good stuff. It’s a chance to meet your neighbors and learn which of them are most frighteningly obsessed with parliamentary procedure.

Also, you get to pretty much say anything you want about anything you want at a caucus. It’s kind of like rapping. Or, you know, blogging.