Slug and Murs prepare to release Felt 3


In an insightful interview with Slug over on Decider, writer Steve McPherson gets the Atmosphere rapper to dish on his forthcoming releases, including another collaboration with Murs. The third volume of the Felt series has entered the mixing process, and a release date should be announced soon. Here's an excerpt from Steve's article:

Decider: Are you working on another Atmosphere record?

Slug: Not as of yet. We'll start in September. I just finished another Felt record. It's getting mixed as we speak, and once it gets turned in, then the label will pick a [release] date.

D: Is that dedicated to a particular female, like Felt and Felt, Vol. 2, were dedicated to Christina Ricci and Lisa Bonet, respectively?

S: Yes.

D: Is that information under wraps?

S: Yes. I'm not allowed to divulge the actress or the producer.

Slug also reveals that he has another album under his belt, which will be leaked online whenever the label decides to put it out. Read more about the latest in Slug's world in the full interview.