Slug and MaLLy rap on lead track, "Shameless," from Flood Watch comp

Slug and MaLLy rap on lead track, "Shameless," from Flood Watch comp

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After much anticipation from those following local hip-hop, the first leak from the upcoming rap compilation Flood Watch has dropped. "Shameless" features Slug, MaLLy, Mike the Martyr and Haphduzn, as well as Dimitry Killstorm of Wide Eyes manning production, which gives a sense of how the project's expansive set of participating artists will cohere. 

Killstorm grounds his electronic explorations with solidly boom-bap verse structure, switching melodies underneath rapper's verses to add sonic texture to a song with multiple voices. The varied flows that accompany span the scene and finds a tight middle ground for each rapper to stand on, all with boasts befitting the beat and tightly woven rhythms. The four rappers hold their own against each other and as the lead single of an ambitious project.

A number of artists are coming together for Flood Watch, and the impressive roster of rappers, singers and producers listed on the album's liner notes suggest further nteresting combinations in the near future. Divided into "lyrics" and "instruments" (though Bobby Raps, Tek, and Mike the Martyr fill roles in both categories), the line-up includes a hodge-podge of names, both veteran and up-and-coming, with no clear indication of who's working with whom. Three more leaked tracks are on their way, to be dropped via Check The Blog, all leading up to the as-of-yet unannounced release date. 

Heading up the release are That Dude Reeg, founder of Check The Blog and graphic designer on the album, and St. Paul renaissance man Tek, who engineered much of the record and gets his own moments to shine. Updates will continue through Check The Blog, and a show with contributors Sti Lo Reel, singer Kison, Tek, and Meta at 7th Street Entry next Wednesday will help raise funds for the project. Acting as a nice center point for a number of artists from all sides of the scene, Flood Watch is an album to watch out for and stands to be some of the best local output of the year.

Slug and MaLLy rap on lead track, "Shameless," from Flood Watch comp

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