Slim Dunlap fans hosting St. Paddy's Day Mad Ripple Hootenanny

Rock singer-songwriter (and ex-Replacement) Slim Dunlap has faced a slow recovery since suffering a stroke in February. According to the Current, he's making progress steadily, and is no longer in intensive care. Dunlap's many friends have decided to raise spirits and quite a racket in honor of the patron saint of the hoot with The Mad Ripple St. Paddy's Day Hoot for Slim on St. Patrick's Day at Amsterdam Bar and Hall.

According to organizer and Dunlap pal Jim Walsh, "It's not a benefit, but a celebration of his songs and his music."

Over the years, the Mad Ripple Hootenanny has brought out numerous area songwriters for extensive jamming and song-swapping, and you can bet that the Slim Dunlap Fan Club will be repping the night hard. Dunlap last played the event in November.

"This is gonna be a way to send the love to him in a musical way," Walsh says. "We've been doing the best we can with cards and letters, but with music and songwriting, there's a mystical connection between people who play together."

This particular Hoot is expected to feature the talents of Ashleigh Still, Martin Devaney, Jennifer Markey, Frank Randall, Gini Dodds, Nick Leet, Stook!, Curtiss A, Dan Israel, Joe Fahey, Katy Vernon, Ben Glaros, John Swardson, Ken Goldman, Pete Christensen, John Soshnik, Cooker John, and more. A free-form assemblage of Slim Dunlap covers, and music that brings back positive memories of the man will be supplied all evening long.

"He's my friend, and I love going to hold his hand," Walsh says. "This'll be another way to do that."

Slim Dunlap fans hosting St. Paddy's Day Mad Ripple Hootenanny

Mad Ripple St. Paddy's Day Hoot for Slim. 8 p.m. Saturday, March 17 at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. Click here.

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