Slayer announces new album


In the primordial days of heavy metal, right as the heshers were coming into their own, there were the salad days of band names-- monolithic names so obvious and menacing they would have been snatched up by every garage band from coast to coast, were the music not so cutting edge and verbotten.

Think of it-- Venom. Metallica. And, of course, Slayer.

Eyes of the Insane, live. Fuckin' A.

Some things have become passe as the genre has aged. Let's face it: Kill Em All, while an outstanding rock album, isn't much of a metal album. Ditto for Megadeth's entire discography.

But pop in South of Heaven. Dust off your black light pentagram poster and shut your eyes. At work in that album is a scaffold for metal still being used today.

And you know what? As noodley as today's practitioners get, and as many music degrees as they curry, and as many sanctioned festivals are established to showcase the genre, Slayer's overbearing, suffocating atmosphere is still unrivaled, as are their fits of blinding velocity. Say what you want about valiant late-inning efforts like Metallica's Death Magnetic (which we deeply)-- Slayer's pedigree remains singular.

So relish the news-- a new studio effort from Slayer is en route, World Painted Blood will be in your bruised, tattooed fists on November 3rd (if you're worth your salt, that is).

Here's the tracklist. Judging by the titles, Slayer fans can expect all the demonism and bloodlust they desire so dearly. Stay tuned to Gimme Noise for an in-depth review.

  1. World Painted Blood

    1. Unit 731

    2. Snuff

    3. Beauty Through Order

    4. Hate Worldwide

    5. Public Display Of Dismemberment

    6. Human Strain

    7. Americon

    8. Psychopathy Red

    9. Playing With Dolls

    10. Not Of This God