Skoal Kodiak joins the Modern Radio roster

For years, Skoal Kodiak has been the finest underground export these towns offer. Preferring the dank basement to the blandly legitimate stages of our above-ground venues, Skoal Kodiak's name is written in whisper campaigns, unpublicized shows, and dance parties of such reckless abandon, you can identify their fans by the morning-after bruises.

Well, not only is a new album in the works from the noise-dance savants, but it will bear the imprint of Modern Radio, one of the Twin Cities' most prized and well represented local labels.

From the Modern Radio release:

Modern Radio is very excited to announce the addition of Minneapolis dance noise

rockers Skoal Kodiak to the roster. Freddie (The Cows), Brady

(Seawhores)and Marcus (Quad Muth) have been packing rooms and

inspiring dance parties in underground venues across the Twin Cities.

The band is always a crowd favorite at the avant-garde, annual

Heliotrope Festival in Northeast Minneapolis. Most recently they

headlined the Pet Rock fundraiser event at the 501 Club.

In addition to finishing a follow up to last year's phenomenal vinyl-only Three People Are Keep Having Grape Emergencys, the three-piece is also gearing up for a November tour that will take them eastward.

The new album is being recorded by Jon Nielsen, the six-string virtuoso behind Knife World and Picked To Click'ers Moonstone. He's been a longtime friend to Skoal, and a confederate in the Twin Cities underground, and his involvement ensures that the new release will keep the spirit of Skoal's outrageous live shows intact.