Six Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 6

Six Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 6

The ever-deepening Twin Cities hip-hop scene constantly has more talented producers stepping up. Here are six of our favorites for June, with some of the best monikers in the local game -- from 84 Caprice to the understated Tiiiiiiiiiip.

Get this weekend off to a proper start with these powerful beats.

Erick Anderson, aka Afrokeys, is a composer and producer that has an excellent ear for beats. With an endorsement from both Hammond and Moog, the former keyboardist for Atmosphere's original work is extensive and full of deep grooves. He's currently involved in a number of upcoming projects, everything from R&B to a placement on a Twiztid album. With a solo record in the works as well, there's a lot to keep an ear open for.

Featured track: "'96," Gimme Noise exclusive.
Afrokeys on Soundcloud / Twitter

Big Cats
Producer Big Cats should be well-known at this point, having dropped an excellent solo instrumental album and high-profile full-length records with Guante, Rapper Hooks, and a much anticipated project with Toki Wright. His most recent collaboration with rapper Homeless comes alongside a track-a-day release of older beats, from which "Hallucinations" is pulled. He's got quite an archive built up already, and his future work is already gaining momentum.

Featured track: "Hallucinations" via Soundcloud.
Big Cats on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

Having first come to our attention as half of duo Killstreak, Icetep's solo beats maintain the EDM sensibilities and varying moods found on Janus. With numerous original beats and remixes of his own on his Soundcloud, Icetep's beats are among the most adventurous heard in local rap production currently.

Featured track: "Purp," Gimme Noise exclusive.

Another producer hailing from the Audio Perm crew, the former Taylor Madrigal has recently added dozens of shows and 10 I's to his name, rechristening himself Tiiiiiiiiiip. He's been collaborating with local notables like Spooky Black and Psymun to make some interesting new work. Since he's been doing time behind the turntables, he's performed at a number of high-profile shows, including Soundset, where Last of the Record Buyers featured this Tetris flip among a series of producers who resampled video game soundtracks.

Featured track: "Tetris Flip" via Last of the Record Buyers.
Tiiiiiiiiiip on Soundcloud / Twitter

Stefan Wolf
An in-house producer for Cherry Sky Studios, Stefan Wolf helped craft the crew's debut, shaping their sound with his unique take on sampled boom-bap. He recently started uploading some of his beats that have yet to find homes onto his Soundcloud, so be sure to check back for updates to his catalog. 

Featured track: "Park", Gimme Noise exclusive.
Stefan Wolf on Soundcloud 

84 Caprice
Having produced as a member of Stophouse Music Group for years, 84 Caprice combines complex rhythmic structures and building crescendos with the rowdy sense of fun hip-hop the label is known for. Songs will drift in numerous directions yet maintain a classic rap feel, and 84 Caprice knows how to balance them all.

Featured track: "Frog" via Soundcloud.
84 Caprice on Soundcloud 

Send your suggestions for artists to be featured on future mixes to the author, Jack Spencer.

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