Six Spots to Put Taste of Minnesota in 2015

Where will food-loving music fans and music-loving food fans find themselves in 2015?

Where will food-loving music fans and music-loving food fans find themselves in 2015?

A Taste of Minnesota is currently homeless, and its prospects are not looking great at the moment. After flooding last year forced the revived food and music fest to exit Harriet Island for Waconia about 40 miles away, organizers have been looking at other options for the 2015 event.

According to the Pioneer Press, citizens of Baytown Township (about 20 miles east of the Twin Cities) weren't interested in hosting Taste at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Organizers say other locations are being considered, but Gimme Noise has consulted all of our geography reporters just in case.

Here are six spots where A Taste of Minnesota could relocate in 2015.
Ahh, scenic Northern Minnesota. Sure, it's a bit of a drive, and sure the air tends to chill about 20 degrees when you're close to Lake Superior. But this is probably one of the most beautiful options outside of the heart of the Twin Cities. Just remember an extra layer.

Minnehaha Park and Falls
It's beautiful, and think of the health benefits for attendees: Moving between stages would require a stair workout par excellence. We're sure residents wouldn't mind losing every single street parking space in their neighborhood, or the gridlock.

The Lake Street Kmart Parking Lot
Finally, Taste is closer to Eat Street than ever before, and that parking lot sees some needed foot traffic.

The Mall of America
Take over the mall! The Hard Rock Cafe -- with rides already conveniently nearby -- can be the center of activities, and put a side stage in front of the shuttered 400 Bar.

The new Vikings Stadium
This year it'd have to be an extreme sort of festival with attendees wearing hard hats while milling around amid the rubble and scaffolding. Think of 2016! With only a handful of home games to host each season (playoffs? surely you jest), the $1 billion behemoth has plenty of empty dates on its calendar. 
If all else fails, give this Taste of Minnesota boondoggle to our beer-and-cheese-adoring neighbors to sort out. Think of it as part of our divorce settlement.


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