Sims makes origami cool again with 'Bad Time Zoo' packaging


When Doomtree crew member Sims stopped by the Gimme Noise offices a couple of weeks back to drop off preview copies of his new solo album, he made a point to give us a special promotional item that would help us to enjoy the new record.

That key item? A box cutter emblazoned with the title of his new record, Bad Time Zoo.

[jump] At first, I couldn't fathom why Sims thought it was a good idea to put such sharp objects in the hands of music writers like myself and City Pages web editor Jen Boyles. Within minutes, Jen had whipped the sheath off of her promotional box cutter, sending the razor blade flying through the air. I tucked my sharp object away in a drawer, afraid that I would hurt myself.

But today, with a new promo video making its way around the web showing fans what that box cutter was intended for, I decided to pull out my Sims blade once again and get to work on the project included in the insert of his new CD.

Not to detract from the songs on Bad Time Zoo or the stellar production by Lazerbeak, but the little craft project included with Sims's new record is fun.

In addition to a booklet with all of the lyrics on the new CD, Bad Time Zoo also comes with a sheet of little three-dimensional paper animals that need to be cut out and assembled. It's part origami, part paper-doll project: The box cutter is used to slice out the outlined critters--a shark, a vulture, and my favorite choice, a pensive little lion.


At first I was nervous about such a precise exercise in razor-wielding, but once I got started it turned out to be a fun project. Here's the little lion I created, nestled into a collection of other weird shit I've gotten in the mail here at Gimme Noise headquarters:

Here's the promo video Sims is passing around today to show people how it's done: