Simpsons change title sequence after 19 years

Fox couldn't have waited another few months? The old, beloved title sequence, from which the new one borrows heavily, could have gone out on a nice, even integer since debuting in December of 1989.

At the very least, the new sequence indicates that the show has no plans of leaving the airwaves any time soon. Which, depending on your opinion of the show's last decade, could be a woo-hoo or a d'oh.

How quickly they grow up-- the Simpsons in 1987.

The new intro is certainly a face-lift on the old-- gone is the impressionistic, living pen style that marked the early Simpsons seasons. Everything now has that anal retentive, silky smooth precision and fluidity that made the Simpsons movie such an amusing yet unnerving thing to behold.

In any case, the new intro is full of -in-jokes for fans (can it still be an in-joke if that category includes every man, woman and beast in America?), and there is some passing thrill in playing an impromptu match game on the fly, identifying the similarities and differences between the old and the new.

A brief observation does seem in order. Homer's still working on the factory line? Unless we missed his long overdue demotion as Sector 7 G's safety inspector, we smell a plothole. Now if you'll excuse us, we're late for our LAN party.