Silk Stalkings: Prince peaces out of L.A. and returns to Minneapolis!

Say what you will about his "personal" life, his religion, and his weird stunts, but the mysterious Purple pip-squeak's thumbprint is a permanent one on Minneapolis. When Prince packed up Paisley and left for Los Angeles some years ago, our fundamental claim to fame (aside from Jesse Ventura and snow) weakened and no more did we hear rumors of crazy parties in Chanhassen and regular sightings at random Minneapolis haunts. Suffice it to say we never wanted to be your weekend lover, Prince. And so when we heard from several sources that we're getting our pop icon back, we felt oddly validated and most certainly excited (to the point we created a Prince gossip column. It just felt right).
So, here's the word.

At approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday night, Prince and a few bodyguards hit up Envy Nightclub downtown, where his former deejay, Dudley D. (a.k.a. Dustin Meyer) was spinning in the main room.

"I spoke with him. I used to DJ and tour with him for five or six years so we're cool like that," Meyer said. "He has been in town for a month or so now -- back from L.A. after pretty much living there for a few years. This is the second or third time he has been to Envy recently." 

Meyer, who is a part of local R&B group, The New Congress, said Prince appeared with longtime keyboard player Morris Hayes, and might be rehearsing with the rest of his band in the past few weeks.

"Let's just hope he cracks off a party or two at Paisley!" Meyer joked.

The Purple Rain star is likely living now at his home in Chanhassen, Meyer said, but other sources told us he'd sold that home years ago. 

Another DJ at Envy, Jay "Strangelove" Tappe, said he saw Prince sitting in the VIP section of the club, where he remained for about an hour and then quietly left.

"I flashed him a peace sign and he flashed me one back," said Tappe. "He was bobbing his head by himself. Just chillin' like he always does."

Typical Prince. Cool as a cucumber while the rest of us freak the funk out and write gossip columns about him. It's all in good fun, though. City Pages heard a rumor last year that he was upset at the paper for something we'd written about him long ago.  We asked Dudley if he knew about this and he said, "Mad at CP for what? Minneapolis is always his home!"

That's good news since we thought we might have lost him forever to the douche factory that is Los Angeles. So on behalf of our staff and our readers, we'd like to welcome The Kid home. Let's go crazy and paint the town purple. Either that or host a mass purification in Lake Minnetonka.