Sign of summer: Twins stars cruise to Atmosphere's 'Sunshine' in new ad

Dozier gets silly with T.C.

Dozier gets silly with T.C.

The icy hellscape we call home remains icy, hellscape-ish. But the Minnesota Twins are here to remind us that summer is just around the corner, and that means one thing: buying baseball tickets. 

That lesson is driven home in a new TV ad featuring Twins stars Joe Mauer, Miguel Sano, Glen Perkins, Brian Dozier, and mascot T.C. rolling through the frozen streets of Minneapolis to 2007 Atmosphere single "Sunshine." Dan Huiting, who won our Best Video Director Award in 2015, directed the 30-second spot.

Rocking short sleeves and shades, the boys of summer give thumbs up to joggers, mug for passersby in the skyway, and pose for selfies with fans. Atmosphere's laid-back, poppy, piano-plucked ode to vitamin D is an appropriate soundtrack choice, as it joins Twin Citians' favorite rap group with their favorite baseball squad.

"Summertime is almost here," the ad optimistically reminds us. 

The ad's toughest sell? Making skim milk pitchman Mauer look chilled-out and fly behind the wheel. In fairness, Joe appears less dorky cruising in a classic car to Atmosphere than he does walking to the plate 250 times per year to T.I.'s "What You Know." 

Sano, taking a rare moment away from blasting heaven-scraping dingers, raises the car's cumulative swag to a healthy level. 

Single-game 2016 Twins tickets go on sale February 20. Pitchers and catchers report for spring training February 22 in sunny Fort Myers, Florida.