Sign o' the times: The internet's 17 best Prince memes and GIFs


In addition to being one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived, Prince has the unique ability to be both flawless and funny at the same time. Ahead of this weekend's Piano & A Microphone parties at Paisley Park, here’s a list of the best memes and reaction GIFs the internet has to honor Minnesota's greatest export, Prince Rogers Nelson.

Prince totally ~*gets*~ the internet! So when this meme was floating around in 2014, he took the opportunity to make a song with the same title! ICONIC KING giving us actual relationship GOALS.

When you see someone in shorts when it's -6 outside.

Prince 2020 is what the people need, obviously!

When construction on Nicollet Mall causes it to close for two years.

Walking into First Avenue on your birthday like, “Where’s my champagne!?”

When a friend invites you to any event in St. Paul.

No such thing as a “Minnesota Goodbye” for Prince; he’s just like “We’re done here, BYE!”

Prince at the Grammys in 2015. He is definitely better than anyone in the room that evening AND HE KNOWS IT. Just like Aunt Brenda at every family get-together.

Prince could literally steal your girl with this simple introduction and you’d just have to deal with it.

Steal your girl AND sass her at the same time.

Prince after he takes the stage at every show.

When Prince announced his new album, but it was only available on Tidal.

But he knew you’d buy a subscription to stream it anyway because he’s Prince.

“I think the Timberwolves might have a chance this year.”

“I’ve never seen Purple Rain.”

When you see your crush walk in the room or the waiter at Liquor Lyle’s coming to your table with mini corn dogs.

Everyone that skimmed this post thinking “I don’t even think Prince is that great”