Shwayze bringing sunshine to St. Paul

Thursday, Dec. 18
Station 4
7 p.m. / 16+

If you've turned on MTV any time in the past year, you know that it doesn't take much to get your own reality show.

With a seemingly endless flow of bisexual dating shows, Lord of the Flies-style challenges (when was the last time they even did a new season of Road Rules?) and celebreality wannabes, it's hard to think that a reality TV star can actually be talented at something other than getting drunk and head-butting people.

But for west coast rapper Shwayze, reality TV was just a way to let people know who he was and what his music is about. Now, with laid-back producer/sidekick/tabloid darling Cisco Adler by his side, the 23-year-old kid from Malibu is on tour and bringing some sunshine to the dark, depressing Midwest with a unique blend of mellow stoner melodies and ocean-side party rhymes.

First things first - you're a west coast kid from Malibu. What are you thinking about, coming to Minnesota in the middle of December?


Man, we try and bring the summertime to everybody. Even all those cold-ass states out there. Me and Cisco were talking today and we decided that we need some long johns or something. But then I see all these kids lined up outside the show wearing t-shirts and I'm like, "Why would you do that? It's freezing out here!"


Most people first got to know you from your reality show, Buzzin'. How has it been now that you're out on the road away from the cameras?


The reality show thing is cool, but it also kind of sucks. Like, it's cool when you're walking down the street with 20 cameras following you, and people are all noticing you and yelling out your name. But then it's weird when you're just sitting at home trying to chill and there's a camera up in your face.


So does that mean you're done with reality TV?


Actually, we're in talks about possibly doing another series sometime soon. I don't know if it'll actually happen or not, but it's definitely not out of the question.


Everybody knows that you and Cisco both love the ladies, and they love you right back. How do you think the girls in the Midwest compare with the ones you're used to seeing out west?


I like'em. I mean, you got some hot girls in the Midwest. They've got a different look and everything than girls out west, but they still look real, real good.


For anyone who hasn't caught your TV show, what the vibe like when you're on stage?


When we come into town - no matter what town it is - we're there to make it hot. When we're on stage, it's the hottest thing in the area. And if you don't believe me, come out to the show and you're going to feel it.


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