Shrek the Musical cast recording to be unleashed March 24


The original film, which was charming and amusing in its right, ought to have slaked the national thirst for Nick Cave covers and fart jokes. Even its ensuing carbon copies packed the theaters and drew decreasingly favorable returns.

But the live action Broadway show, which opened on December 14th of last year, is simply uncalled for, an unprovoked assault on ogrehood and mankind alike, and will only harm the already combative relations that exist between the two.

And to ensure that the soundtrack and score will live on in minivans nationwide long after the stage goes dark, Decca Broadway is releasing the original cast recording for gruesome posterity.

A word of warning to the hip parents out there who found momentary refuge in the film's soundtrack selections-- shield your eyes and plug your ears. No more Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley covers spiking the punch. This time around, it's all original material, and it positively drips with more Olivier and Tony awards than one could count.

Like arrest records and tax returns, the sordid tracklisting is a matter of public record on Decca's website. But even a deep reading doesn't really communicate the ghastly experience of watching the scene unravel. Gimme Noise has sifted the most exemplary cuts for you.

That'll do, donkey. That'll do.