Shiny Toy Guns to play free show at the Fine Line tonight


In this age of viral marketing, you can get a lot of free stuff. If you pick the right street at the right time, you could walk down the sidewalk with your arms outstretched and your hands open, and have an energy drink, a muffin, and a tiny box of cereal slapped into your palms before you reach the end of the block. But, that's barely enough to handle breakfast; what if you want to go out on the cheap? Someone thought that complete show packages financed up front by corporate figures might be a good way to build buzz around a product, so they started tours with headlining national acts that are essentially free to the public, requiring only an RSVP for entrance. To wit, tonight is Amstel Light and's Amsterdam Live showcase, featuring dance-rockers Shiny Toy Guns and DJ Steve Aoki.

For fans of Shiny Toy Guns (or The Shinys, as they're known when they drop in on a kids TV show), it's a pretty generous gift. STG have been through the Twin Cities a couple of times over the past few years to perform their brand of synth-heavy rock, drawing large crowds even when there was a sizable cover involved. So, take the necessary spending cash out of the equation, add in free samples of beer, and it's virtually guaranteed to have a capacity-busting crowd lined up around the block. As a nice bonus, you'll get a chance to check out LA hipster deity and Dim Mak Records label chief Steve Aoki drop some tunes as an appetizer. If you're looking for a fun Thursday night out without even coming close to breaking the bank, it's a solid choice...and, hey, free beer!

But, don't show up to the Fine Line doors with cash in hand, expecting to pay a few bucks and snap up a ticket--it won't happen. The only way to get in is to RSVP, which will add your name to a list, which will then be checked against your ID at the door. So, save your cash for the bar and répondez, s'il vous plaît by sending your name in an email here. And as a reminder: you might want to show up early, before the venue hits capacity (you might not be the only who likes free music and drinks). So, with only a bit of planning in advance, your night's been covered--not a bad deal.

RSVP here for free entry (21+ only)!  

UPDATE: We've been told the list is now closed.

Shiny Toy Guns w/ Steve Aoki and Joe Maz - Fine Line Music Cafe - 8pm - Free with RSVP - 21+