Shelter's 'DVS1' on life after Foundation


Coming up on the one year anniversary of the closing of the nightclub that bonded us all, local techno-scene gatekeeper DVS1 talks about life after his club (started with Beecher Vaillancourt), his new night at The Loft called "Shelter," and what the hell he thinks about during those four-hour sets that are the backbone of the Shelter experience.

CP: If for some reason you couldn't listen to techno anymore -- like, if it completely went away -- would you "make" it yourself using household stuff and if yes, how?

DVS1: Funny thing is that I always notice pattern in sounds. I’ll be sitting around my house and hear something repeating -- like a drop in the sink or a pipe making noise while water runs through it. I always hear sounds that others don’t really pay attention to. I think I would inevitably need noise and sounds in my life, so everything in the house would be fair game.

What musisican would you follow around for a day if you could and why?

For techno, it's easy: probably Jeff Mills since he’s the only alien living on this planet making techno! I would also say Theo Parrish as a close 2nd because I think the amount of soul he has would rub off on me after a full day. As far as “regular” music, I think it would be some unknown jazz great I have never met, just to see what a REAL musician's life is like…I seriously am amazed by real free jazz musicians.

What do you think would happen if all of a sudden rock kids started coming to Shelter?


That would great, cause I have actually been doing my best to promote outside of our dance scene in general and have been trying to get some new faces. It would be good because they would bring a different kind of energy than our crowd, but they would have to dance -- no standing around!

What is the one positive thing that came from not being at the helm of Foundation anymore?

Having time for myself and my music and my life. Having time to be creative is the single most important thing that I have got back since Foundations' close. Have no fear, I am still working on other ideas and outlets similar to what foundation gave this city. I am just truly taking my time and being really careful about what opportunity I jump on.

What do you think about when you're playing a FOUR HOUR set?

Whats great about four hour sets is that if it's executed right, you don’t think about anything. You get past the A.D.D. and the short attention spans, and what starts to happen is just natural progression of self. If you're being honest with yourself, the music starts to represent your true emotions and thoughts as you go deeper. Having that much time is also really nice since you are able to explore your taste and style and really see where you go with it.

Shelter @ The Loft - Every Friday night 711 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis