Sheila E. stops by Dakota to drum with Rachelle Ferrell

We just got word that on top of delivering an amazing set last night, Rachelle Ferrell invited Sheila E. on stage to join her for a few songs on the Dakota stage. Thanks to Sheila Anderson for sending us a report, here's what she had to say about last night's show:

Rachelle Ferrell blew me away! Her range and control was top notch, like nothing I've ever seen and at the Dakota of all places. She has the talent of an opera singer but sings with so much soul, so its not so technical. This woman brought me to church last night.

Her introduction to Sheila E, giving a shout out about how amazing it was to be in the same room as her. A few songs later Sheila E came out, still as beautiful as ever, kicked her heels off and killed the drum kit with her hands! She played the drums better than most players do with sticks. Drum rolling with her nails. Seriously; It was ridiculous! Rachelle was beat boxing and rapping over it and they were cat and mousin'. Amazing!

The Dakota has already posted a video of Ferrell's show to their YouTube channel, and we're hoping they upload some footage of Ferrell with Sheila E. as well.

For now, here's a video of Sheila E. and Rachelle Ferrell improvising together back in 2008:

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