She Will: Lil Wayne's new single off Carter IV

Lil Wayne on She Will

Lil Wayne on She Will

Lil Wayne just released "She Will," the fourth pre-release single off the hotly-anticipated Carter IV album, which is set to drop August 29.

The song features Drake and may provide a hint of what Weezy's new proper major label album will sound like. So is this good news or bad news for fans of the Greatest Rapper Alive?

[jump] The song begins promisingly enough, with ominous orchestration and the sound of Weezy sparking up a spliff--usually a signal that he's about to launch into some trippy realness. The first verse delivers, with some classic Wayne post-prison ruminations.

"She started to pop in for a niggah and looked back and told me baby it's real/And I say I ain't doubt you for a second I squeeze it and I can tell how it feels."

"Do it for the realest niggahs in the fucking game right now and she will."

Turns out this is another in Lil Wayne's long line of masturbation fantasies masquerading as love song. As those go, this is certainly on the upper-end of the scale, if not quite reaching the epic heights of "Mrs. Officer" off Carter III. But at five minutes long, it wears out its welcome, and also contains one of the worst mangled rhymes in Weezy's long oevre: "Hula hoop" does not rhyme with "beautiful."


All in all, this one earns just three stars. Hopefully it's just the tip of the spear, like "Lollipop" was for Carter III, and there's sturdier wood behind the rest of the album.

If you're looking for a hint of Carter IV's overall sound, it's likely to be found in the dripping, claustrophic background sounds and the post-prison perspective that Weezy carries even when he's celebrating debauchery. This is a man who can no longer escape the consequences of his behavior, even if he hasn't quite figured out right and wrong.

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