Shahs' breezy punches getting released all over the place

I began my appreciation for Shahs sometime last midsummer and about a minute-thirty into "Handreader," finding the corollaries and influences easy to conjure and practically inaccurate. Then he left town late last year, transitioning from ubiquity to wisp of smoke and greeny small-town newcomer. The interim has been kind to Tom Helgerson, and Tom to it. The approaching months will see a steady flow of releases for Shahs' expansively barebones, cumulo-brittle sound. Label Riley Bushman (home to three of To Kill A Petty Bourgeousie's records) is scheduled to put out his first full-length, Dry Heat/Valley Low "probably in the fall"; local cassette label Moon Glyph have plans for the second full-length; New York's widely respected and militantly DIY venue Death By Audio will be pressing a seven-inch (a song from which, "Big Room," you can hear below); and someone else will be releasing that second full-length on CD and/or/hopefully vinyl. He hopes to make it to the cities sometime this summer for a show or two, and anything you can do to encourage him in that direction will net you my appreciation -- I hear he really likes tape players.

Keep appraised:

Death By Audio
Moon Glyph
The Riley Bushman Recordings

Shahs, "Big Room"

Shahs, "Pablo Picasso"

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