Sh*t Doomtree fans say -- so sick/crazy

Thomas "@iheartmpls" Stinchfield has tapped into the nearly dessicated reservoir of ideas for a "Shit ______ Say" meme eating away at our brains and bandwidth. His inspiration: fans of the Twin Cities' hip-hop collective Doomtree.

And he even sprung for a fitted cap and the bandanna to complete his role. As you might imagine, there's a heaping amount of short-attention-span repetition having to do with the extremely young fanbase, the quality of Sims' solo material, and the genetic gifts bestowed upon one Dessa Darling. Every never is NOW?


Sh*t Doomtree fans say -- so sick/crazy

Incidentally, Mr. Stinchfield could probably also looked at our comments during the past few months for a delectable collection of what type of shit Doomtree haters say, but we suspect that some fresh commentary will be provided soon enough below.




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