Sexy Spring 2009 is this weekend

(photo by Christian Javan)Each year the Sexy Spring Collective hosts Sexy Spring, a weekend-long festival filled with workshops, lectures, screenings, and activities for those the sexually adventurous, curious, and knowledgeable.

Events will mostly be held at Ford Hall (224 Church St. SE, Minneapolis) on the UMN East Bank Campus. The festival kicked off this Thursday, but events are still happening. Workshops range in subject matter from informative to self-exploratory, silly to serious, and include topics like BDSM, being a sexy vegan, rope play, and transgender health.

Evening activities include a queer-friendly art show this Saturday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Art of This Gallery (3506 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis) and a Saturday night party dubbed "Set Your Ass On FIRE!" over at Bedlam Theater (1501 S. 6th St., Minneapolis) where you can dance in fetish gear with your sex toys.

Most events are completely free, though donations are accepted. For a complete schedule visit Have a question about the event? Call 612.435.5490.