Sex with Mom and Dad: The MTV audition

Sex with Mom and Dad: The MTV audition

Teens and parents of Minnesota: How would you like to have "the talk" on national television? Monday, November 17 MTV is holding casting calls for families willing to talk candidly about sex on Dr. Drew's show Sex... with Mom & Dad.

MTV is looking for parents and teens (16–19) with contrasting views on sex, dating, and relationships to discuss their clashes and frustrations openly on television. Throughout the talk Dr. Drew will offer advice as well as lead a discussion between teens and adults as they grapple with sex education, teen romance, and sex in the media.

Interested? To schedule an audition time email your contact info (phone number, email, location) to [email protected] or call 212.654.7699. Be sure to include a brief synopsis on your views and experience with sex as well your parents/child's view. If your story if selected, you will receive a payment of $2,500.

For more info on Sex... with Mom & Dad, check out the official website here.

Sex with Mom and Dad: The MTV audition

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