September 8, 2009: Brother Ali & Baroness


Twin Cities News:

-- Antiquiet has a review of Brother Ali's new album Us. Also: Brother Ali talks Islam and hip hop & The Current has video from the MC's performance at the State Fair.

-- Baroness will play the Triple Rock in November.

-- The AV Club interviews Eyedea and Abilities.

-- BK-One has released a new track called "Here I Am (which also features Phonte and Brother Ali).

-- Sound Verite' has new audio from Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Every Time I Die @ Epic

(MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- One Love Movement @ Nomad World Pub

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk "Train Fuzz (Real Good Food)" (mp3)


-- Chll Pll "Dick Moves" (mp3)


-- Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard "Roll Bus Roll" (mp3)


-- Twiggy Frostbite "Chimera" (mp3)