Sept. 28, 2009: Roma di Luna & BLK JKS


Twin Cities News:

-- Empty's Tapes has audio from Roma di Luna at the Turf Club earlier this month.

-- The Current has audio from studio sessions featuring the Rural Alberta Advantage, BLK JKS & the Pines.

-- Culture Bully has an interview with local MC Mally.

-- Above the Fold has video of BLK JKS' performance at the Cedar.

-- Byron Crawford reviews Brother Ali's Us, "Some of the production, which isn't gonna be very good anyway, because it's Rhymesayers, is just weird, and too much of the content is grown and sexy to a fault."

-- Brother Ali has released a video for Toki Wright and Evidence for "Freshest Kids."

-- More Cowbell is hosting Birthday Suits' tour diary while the band is on the road.

Local Concert Highlight(s):

-- Kings of Leon @ Target Center

(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- Children of Bodom @ Epic

(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Birdmonster "Yuma" (mp3)


-- The Dustys "Dangerous Little Signs" (mp3)


-- Hatcham Social "Crocodile" (mp3)


-- Pretty Lights "Sunday School" (mp3)


-- Tigercity "Fake Old (Only Children remix)" (mp3)