Sen. Orrin Hatch joins in John Forte's daring jailbreak

Sen. Orrin Hatch joins in John Forte's daring jailbreak

"Puss and dog, they get together," sang Bob Marley in headier days. "What's wrong with loving one another?"

It can only be assumed that Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who is nationally recognized as an old white guy of some note, has been giving Marley's So Jah Seh some healthy spins on his Victrola. Sen. Hatch has not only endorsed George W. Bush's pardon of rapper and producer John Forte, but has done so on the strength of Forte's musical genius.

Quoth old man Hatch:

"He was no risk to society because he was not a drug user. And, frankly, he's a genius."

Utahns (yep, it's a word) are predictably fussing over the endorsement. And the quote is rife with implications. If Forte wasn't using the drugs, what did he have planned for all that yayo he was holding on that fateful day in 2000? All the same, the hub bub surrounding this uncommonly high profile drug arrest has gathered some pretty odd alleigances.

Forte, who was busted in Newark International airport with $1.4 million dollars in liquid cocaine (that's 31 pounds, or, for those in the know, one hell of a weekend), has been serving a 14 year sentence (the mandatory minimum). But thanks to a growing league of extraordinary gentlemen (read: old people), which includes Bush, Hatch, and James Taylor's old squeeze Carly Simon, Forte is going to get sprung out of the clink eight years ahead of schedule.

Hey, we're not looking gift horses in the mouths. It's a good thing that the Grammy award winning producer will soon be out and about. We're just saying that if Bush and Hatch can list three songs on which Forte has a production credit without the aid of wikipedia, we'll eat our sweaty old stocking caps with a splash of mustard.

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