Select Three talk about opening for Bon Jovi at the Xcel Center

Select Three at the Xcel Center

Select Three at the Xcel Center

When Bon Jovi came through town a few weeks ago to play two back-to-back nights at the Xcel Center, three local acts were hand-picked through a KQRS-sanctioned contest to open up for the mega-stars. Up-and-coming rock group Select Three was one of the bands chosen, and judging from our recent interview with the band the youngsters are still buzzing about their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play such a gigantic show.

We recently caught up with Select Three to find out how their performance went, what it was like meeting Bon Jovi, and what they plan to do next.

Tell us about the experience of playing in that huge arena. What was the audience reception like? What were you feeling up there on stage?

Indescribable ...but we'll try. We were very excited, the adrenaline was pumping, the crowd was awesome, lots of energy, it felt good and natural. We remember playing the first note and feeling the entire stage shake. Playing in that large of an arena was fantastic! We had never experienced playing for a sea of people before. You really can't explain that feeling when you finish a song and the applause becomes thunderous! It just makes you want to work that much harder to re-live that experience again, and again!

What was it like meeting Bon Jovi?

The first time we saw Bon Jovi was when we were invited to watch their sound check. No one was allowed to watch except us and our manager. That in itself, was an honor to witness the talent of these rock legends in our own private setting. They played four or five songs. Jon Bon Jovi spoke to us from the stage during their sound check and was joking with Brent about the notes he had made on our set list. After the show, Bon Jovi was kind enough to shake our hands, compliment us on our performance, and offer to take photos with us. The first thing that blew us away was how humble the band members were. It was obvious to us Bon Jovi has never forgotten their humble beginnings, or what it was like out there trying to make it. They are the real deal...a class act!!!


How did you get the opportunity to play such a major show? Can you tell us about the weeks leading up to the performance?

The opportunity presented itself when Bon Jovi and KQRS radio held the "Big Break" contest.  Bands from all over Minnesota and Wisconsin were asked to submit two original songs, a band photo, video, bio, and a list of venues that we'd had performed at. KQRS and Bon Jovi's management company selected eight finalists. The rest was left up to the KQRS listeners to go to the KQRS website and vote for their favorite band. With regard to preparation, the timing could not have been better. We had been rehearsing 3 - 4 days a week for that past year to get ready for our next Los Angeles showcase.

Give us a little history about your band -- how long have you been together?

The three of us (Brent Rice, Daniel Switch, and Patrick Sieben) formed the band Select Three in 2008.  We've been told we have a unique sound in the pop/rock genre, due to our band having three lead vocalists. We are also songwriters and musicians that play multiple instruments. We added to the band Dave Hendrik, on lead guitar/keys, John Sutton on bass guitar, and Joel Battleson on drums to complete our sound. We've worked in the studio with Grammy Award winner, Steve Hodge, and producer/engineer, Dik Shopteau. Our group has completed filming three music videos and our self-titled CD in 2009. We traveled to Los Angeles in 2009 to do a showcase and got great reviews. It was not long before our manager was contacted and we were invited back by several record labels to perform. On August 6, 2009, we won Fox 9 Television's "Battle of the Bands" competition, netting $65,000 worth of prizes and starring roles in a national television commercial for Pizza Hut. We recently finished recording some new material and plan to return to Los Angeles to showcase this summer.

Now that you've played such a huge show, what's next for the band?

We just want to keep working hard and try and make every show better then the last! Our next show is at the Fine Line in Minneapolis on Friday, April 30. Please check out our MySpace page to find out about future shows.