See Spooky Black and the Stand4rd Perform -- Finally!

The Standard, from left: Psymun, Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, and Allan Kingdom

The Standard, from left: Psymun, Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, and Allan Kingdom

Spooky Black, the young and mysterious "Dark R&B" proprietor from St. Paul, has netted fans from music blogs local and beyond (and some vocal detractors) over the past few months. Credit a suite of solo tracks on Black Silk, the Leaving EP, and a stream of collaborations with the Stand4rd, a group featuring Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and producer Psymun.

What Spooky Black's voice and accompanying imagery provide is a mainline to personal reflection -- our own fortress of solitude in song. Be it youth, be it a love lost, be it the coldest day we can remember, be it the day when everything came together, this is music than can trigger a reaction that sticks around. So far, that's mostly been a private experience. There's now an upcoming tour planned, so listeners can finally leave the bedroom and find out who else has been connecting privately with the material.


The rest of the guys in the Stand4rd have been more accessible live. With his fervent dance moves and rhythmic mix of vocals and raps, Allan Kingdom has gained a local visibility over the past year rivaling any other local act. Both Psymun (especially with K.Raydio) and Bobby Raps have graced our local stages with some frequency. But seeing this crew together -- who recently logged a lot of studio time in Canada -- is still a fresh commodity.

Earlier this week, they unveiled the ambitious visuals to the song "Simple Needs," which is like the universe collapsing on itself inside of their bodies.

In somewhat coy fashion, the Stand4rd dropped tour dates and cities, but are keeping the venues under wraps for now. The shows are expected to feature performances from each member. Their Twin Cities show is on November 1 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

The Stand4rd Tour Dates

November 1 - St. Paul at Amsterdam Bar & Hall
November 8 - Toronto
November 9 - New York
November 14 - Oakland
November 17 - Los Angeles


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