Seawhores: Metallica is opening for us at Grumpy's

Seawhores: Metallica is opening for us at Grumpy's
Photo by Shane Flanery

Genres are overrated. Sometimes music can just be without rules and live within itself -- at least that's how Minneapolis band Seawhores sees it. The band is feeling their way around, proving that their vivid grope in the dark is proving successful. So with this in mind, the endless vast of ideas, that are luxuriantly eerie, that this band holds are free of cynicism and front.

Now at the end of their series, the band is set to release The Hunt is On on vinyl, the latest collection of songs that involves numerous collaborators. Gimme Noise spoke with members Adam Marx and Cody Weigel on how they describe their music and who is possibly opening for them at Grumpy's on Friday evening.

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Band Members: Current collaborators/mercenaries at this time are Adam Burt, Adam Marx, Charles Gehr, Cody Weigel, and Jared Foster

Gimme Noise: For those not familiar with what Seawhores does, how do you describe the project/band?

Cody Weigel: We pretty much do what we want. We like to switch it up a lot and give the audience an unexpected show as much as we can. People have come to expect the unexpected. It may be a set that people have seen a few times, or it may be a "Seawhores Movie Night" right in the middle of two other bands. We might just show up, set up, and play. Wherever and whenever, it's a really flexible idea and we like to bend it as many ways as we can to keep things interesting for the audience and for us.

GN: You've released over twenty albums. How do you find the time to create so much?

Cody Weigel: Stockpile! We, Adam and Cody, have been doing this for so long that we have so much on tape from the past years; we can always revisit an idea or use what we have on tape already and add to it. Our songs are always changing over time. Nothing is ever really "finished." Adam is constantly listening and recording things; an odd noise in a hallway, traffic, humming to himself in a car, this all adds up fast and we may not need it now but in three years, "Yeah, I think I have an idea for that crackle sound you recorded in the bath tub." Then we will dig it out and see if it works.

Adam Marx: The core members of the group work fairly flexible jobs. Therefore, when we get opportunities to work with labels that are willing to put out our music and ideas, we'll find the time work on a project. You also have a lot of collaborators.

GN: How do you keep it all straight? Do you ever go back and work with the same artists?

Cody Weigel: It's really not that confusing. Everyone we have worked with has been a friend. It's as simple as saying, "You are going to be in town for two days next week, want to record something or act in an ad?" If they have time, we do it. If not, next time. We have worked with people over and over again for sure. It really is specific to what we are trying to do that dictates who we want to work with. Depending on the idea, we think of people we know and ask if they can/want to help out.

Adam Marx: We have a very thorough calendar and also archive most everything. Mainly for tax write-offs. We constantly write and perform with people we've worked with in the past. Even when we travel, we'll end up writing with some of the same people we've collaborated with years ago even though they might live half way across the world. Even if it's just recording some small audio vignettes we'll always try and get something to stimulate new ideas.

GN: Why release on vinyl?

Adam Marx: Vinyl is the most delicious audio format.

Cody Weigel: For the same reason everyone else does. It's a physical object that sounds great. No one buys CDs anymore. They download songs. Vinyl is a way to hold the artwork, look at it, and put it on. It's a more engaging act than just hitting the space bar on iTunes. Also I think people really like the ritual of listing to a record. You need to be a part of playing it. Putting it on, dropping the needle, flipping it -- it demands your attention if you want to listen to it.

GN: The upcoming exhibition marks the launch of the B-side and also the conclusion to the series. Can you tell me more about this series? What was the story that the series told?

Adam Marx: The series started off with an art show very similar to what was shown and happened last Saturday at the Soo Vac gallery, but the artist Math.i had initially created 26 different LP covers with no band to accommodate the art. We had just finished recording one side of a new release and were speaking with Tom Hazelmyer about releasing it when the entire album was finished on his label, Amphetamine Reptile Records. Although under the circumstances with what we had, and what Math.i didn't have, he hooked us up together.

So somewhat serendipitously that was the A side release with only 13 of Math.i's covers to be printed in editions of 20 each. The B-side was redundant in the sense that the last show was featuring the rest of Math.i's 13 covers including our finally recorded b-side. In between these records, we did a split 12" with the Melvins as part of a New York show that Tom Hazelmyer had put together yet again along the same vein of the two art shows here in Minneapolis along with two more in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles.

GN: How did you know that it was time for the conclusion of the series?

Adam Marx: We completed the second half of the record and there was another gallery show coming up with Tom and Math.i, so there it was.

Cody Weigel: A record has only two sides to it so it seemed logical to have it be a two-part deal. We are looking into ways of creating a 3-sided record so the possibility of a side C is still out there. We just don't think the technology for that exists yet. Stay tuned.

GN: What can we expect to see at Grumpy's on 4/12?

Cody Weigel: A lot! We are being really ambitious with this show so if all goes well we will have a great light show, some video, fire, fog... We will be playing two sets integrated into one seamless set. Again, if all goes well.

Adam Marx: There'll be films, flutes, live music, light shows, panic, chaos, probably a few seizures as well. We'll keep it cryptic. Everyone should just put the pipe down and come experience the onslaught of insanity.

Cody Weigel: You can also expect Metallica to open for us. I think they start at 7 p.m.

Seawhores will release The Hunt is On at Grumpy's Downtown on Friday, April 12, 2013.
21+, Free, 9 pm

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