Seawhores and their ridiculous advertisements

​The Twin Cities' hydra-headed primal beast rock gods Seawhores have, unsurprisingly, a good sense of humor. And some endearing video editing chops too. In advance of their upcoming, perfectly-titled record Blunt Force To The Everything, the masterful goofballs have been doing a series of mini-movies and advertisements that, put all together, make about as much sense, and are as awesome as a series of their shows seen concurrently. So: not much and way, respectively.

We present them in reverse chronological order, which may not be entirely fair as the band got more and more ambitious with the project as time went on. But fuck it.

The most recent takes the shape of a movie trailer, telling the story of Cody Weigel, reluctant rock star and Lost-style plane crash victim:


Second up, bassist Paul Sanders loses his shit in the big city:

More subway nonsensery from Mr. Sanders...

Metrodome memery...

And finally, Adam Marx gets victimized:
The Seawhores also produce a regular podcast podpacked with equally random and/or interesting things, which you can subscribe to here.

Otherwise, the best way to stay appraised of their mercurial movements seems to be their Facebook page. Or you can trust their label Death By Audio's relatively heinous and sporadically-updated site. Choose your own adventure, America!

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