Screw winter! Stooges Brass Band tonight!




Lili's Burlesque

, New Orleans brass greats

the Stooges

lost everything in Katrina. But their raw, rapped version of the second-line tradition is too tough and buoyant to feel nostalgic--their attack is closer to

D.C. go-go

than to Preservation Hall jazz. Tonight's rare Minneapolis gig is nonetheless poignant (how could it not be?), with local openers the

Jack Brass Band

helping the octet (as well as

other NOLA brass musicians

) get


, instruments, and other necessities. If you missed

the ReBirth show

a few weeks ago (for a crowd that included at least 20 evacuees), don't miss this. Openers include Jack Brass and the South Side Aces.

Update 12:45 p.m.:


tour dates here

( The Stooges also perform as special guests Friday at the

Nomad World Pub

, with the Evening Glow, John Charles, Electric Glide, and Brake Lazy. See for a complete list of

links to help NOLA musicians

, and for the MN Katrina benefits page,

, which includes Friday's show at the

Turf Club


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