Scott Gagner music video offers Super-8 glimpse into 1968 Minneapolis


Ever wish you could be transported back to the '60s to see how the pre-Woodstock wave of hipsters got down in the Twin Cities? Yeah, me too. So it was groovy and far out, man, to stumble on a music video by longtime drummer and new songwriter Scott Gagner, which features footage of a bunch of cool-looking cats tearing it up around Minneapolis and Minnetonka in 1968.

"It's comprised of Super-8 footage that my mom and dad shot when they were falling in love," Gagner told us in an email. "I hope you like it."

[jump] Gagner is originally from Minnetonka, and now hails from San Francisco. He grew up playing the drums, but recently discovered a love for songwriting after he purchased an acoustic guitar and a four-track cassette recorder. Gagner just released his debut album, Rhapsody in Blonde, which was recorded by JJ Wiesler (Girls, Vic Chestnutt), and you can read more about the release and listen to samples over at his website.

For now, check out this sweet video for "I Hate to Say":

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