Schlitz Kickin' Country to podunkify the Triple Rock Saturday

Schlitz Kickin' Country to podunkify the Triple Rock Saturday
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With only a few months under its eight-second-champion-sized belt buckle, the Schlitz Kickin' Country series has already established a fine local tradition of fine country records, fine country bands, and of course, The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous. This Saturday, with a little help from DJ Truckstache (Gastro Non Grata's Craig Drehmel) and Hymie's own Lonesome DJ Dave (Hoenack), the show hits the Triple Rock stage, celebrating the new and old of local country (and the like) playing the new and old of everything country (and the like).

The music starts at 6 p.m. with legends of the 'hood Papa John Kolstad and Spider John Koerner, with close-singin' darlin's the Cactus Blossoms, slick 'n quick trio Brass Kings, and "Hey... aren't these guys signed to some bigshot record label now?" tribute band Flying Dorito Brothers rounding out the evening. $6 buys you a good six hours worth of entertainment, and the best part? You can buy all the records you hear, part of Hymie's Records' ongoing Record Road Show. Deep discounts promised. How deep? Deeper 'n the holler? Mayhaps.

Sponsored by four things you like about this city -- Hymie's, Zipp's, City Pages, and 89.3 The Current -- and one beer you like from Milwaukee. Cool, huh?

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