Scenes from a Marriage, by Linda Shapiro

In the opening dance of Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater's Chair, Sandbag, Rose: Fairy Tales of Love and War, Pimsler and Suzanne Costello invite you into their Red Eye Theater living room--literally to sit on the stage with them--and draw you into the core of their hectic married lives. Well, not entirely their lives, as "His/Her" was sort of constructed by New York choreographer David Gordon, who, as he puts it in a program note, "suggested, and cajoled, and vetoed, and...argued for the choreographic usefulness of uneasy investigation." Mixing dialogue and moves from ballet, yoga, and mimetic- and modern-dance vocabularies, they negotiate, nitpick, send up, put down. Lines like "May, the month of May, the last month of school, the month your son was born" roll off of their tongues in barbed cadences, with an occasional, equivocal sign of affection. It's a portrait of a working marriage in real time with two people multitasking like mad while thoroughly distracted. And you can't take your eyes off of them because they transpose the mundane to the mesmerizing. --Linda Shapiro

Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater December 2-4 Red Eye Theater 15 W 14th St, Mpls.; 612.870.0309