Scalpers selling free Imagine Dragons and Atmosphere tickets for $240

Today, MLB put up free tickets for the 2014 All-Star Weekend show featuring Imagine Dragons and Atmosphere at TCF Stadium. Unfortunately, this generosity has already backfired for some fans. Many thousand tickets for the July 12 concert went fast, and the radioactive complaints started piling up regarding the functionality of the website where they could be obtained.

No big surprise that scalpers are already capitalizing on the emotions of the buyers already angry about being underwater all morning.

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Imagine Dragons and Atmosphere to play at TCF Bank Stadium

A common concern:
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And, eventually:

As a matter of fact, this is true.

At TicketKing the prices are already as high as $240 for field tickets, and plenty of Craigslist activity is going on too. Not long ago, Atmosphere -- who will perform on Conan O'Brien's show on TBS tonight -- took to Twitter to decry this behavior.
We agree. Attempts to contact MLB regarding the tickets have not been immediately returned, but we will update this post as we get more information. "With the way the stage is placed, we expect to have 27,000 fans in attendance," says an MLB rep. The rep also notes that fans still can obtain tickets through a giveaway by Atmosphere on their Facebook page, plus by in-market radio promotions.

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