Say hello to ALT 93.3, Clear Channel's newest Twin Cities alternative rock radio station

Imagine a world where Beck, Passion Pit, Coldplay, 311, Alien Ant Farm, Mumford & Sons, and Green Day (post-Dookie) are played on repeat all day.

Finally, a place where dingbat radio DJs can be free to spend 15 minutes discussing the finer points of "Sex on Fire" and how Paramore's Haylie Williams remains the most bangable redhead on the planet. Everyone who missed 93.7 the Edge more than REV 105 is so ecstatic right now.

If you're enthusiastically nodding your head at the prospect of such a world existing, you're delusional, but also in luck. This morning, Clear Channel, everyone's favorite monopolistic media corporation, quietly launched Alt 93.3, a new Twin Cities alternative radio station set to feature on-air hosts Meatsauce and Liucas JD Greene.

Until July 7th, Alt 93.3 is featuring a commercial-free broadcast. If you're interested but aren't ready to blindly subject your ears to potentially traumatizing music, you can check out their song history on Twitter

"There is a big appetite for the kind of music that ALT will play," said MICHAEL CRUSHAM, Market President, CLEAR CHANNEL/MINNEAPOLIS.  - See more at:

As Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune pointed out, 93.3 had yet to play a single female artist. (Florence & the Machine since got mixed in.) What they have played is bad -- like, universally regarded as bad. And that's coming from the girl who brought you "18.2 reasons why Blink-182 is the greatest band of all time."

Still, some locals have already taken to the station. Twitter user Landon Hoover wrote, "Can I borrow a Shovel because I am diggin @alt933fm Minneapolis." Nice one, Hoover.

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