Savage Aural Hotbed, Felonious Bosch and Sendero Flamenco mix it up Friday at Loring Theater

Savage Aural Hotbed, Felonious Bosch and Sendero Flamenco mix it up Friday at Loring Theater

The Twin Cities music scene has long had a tradition of cross cultural collaboration in myriad forms. The local mix of people who perform ethnic music or reach beyond traditional forms to create new styles with traditional inspirations of sound making is an abundant groundswell of talent and far thinking performers.

Thus it's exciting when it all comes together in diverse billings such as the one happening at the Loring Theater this coming Friday night. Billed as an evening that promises a "mix of flamenco, eccentricos gringos and power tools" and culminating in one big mish-mash collaboration of all the above, Friday's show should be everything except your standard fare.

Sendero Flamenco

Sendero Flamenco will warm things up with delicate and traditional elegance. The local trio includes two guitarists, Michael Ziegahn and David Elrod, along with dancer Tara Weatherly. They seem miles apart from headliners and longstanding local mainstays and garbage can enthusiasts Savage Aural Hotbed, who display more finesse with bandsaws than more customary instruments. But that's sort of the point.

Bridging the gap from Sendero Flamenco's worldly to Savage Aural Hotbed's otherworldly is Felonious Bosch. On the heels of their latest collection of Eastern European mixed with Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms, Toybox, the hybrid world music and psychedelic rock sextet have curated this evening and inspired the one-night-only collaboration.

Felonious Bosch "Chania" from Toybox

Somehow taking the whole promenade of everyone involved and putting it together at the end of the evening sounds like an unlikely -- and, with smoldering metal works tools involved, risky -- task, but recently released video of all three ensembles rehearsing together show promising results.

With spring potentially in full swing this holiday weekend, this mixed-up bill looks to be a perfect kick off for your own musically spirited resurrection. As no sane person would allow this convergence to happen in the first place, I would expect we won't have another chance again.

Savage Aural Hotbed, Felonious Bosch and Sendero Flamenco perform separately and together this Friday, April 22 at the Loring Theater. All Ages. $12 advance tickets available online, $15 at the door. 7pm.

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