Sauce Spirits and Soundbar now 'Cause'

As our food blog, Hot Dish, reported last week, a restaurant chain that recently opened a shop in St. Louis Park called Sauce Pizza has ordered Lyn-Lake's similarly titled Sauce Spirits and Soundbar to change its name. Because the restaurant is a chain, it had already trademarked the name Sauce and gave the music venue that we've come to know as Sauce until September 30 to find a new name.

That new name is Cause, an anagram of its old moniker that will allow the club to keep most of its original signage.

To be honest, we were never quite fond of the name Sauce -- it didn't seem to convey the kind of ambiance that the small, intimate, and modernized music venue provides its patrons. A name change couldn't hurt, especially since the club has only been around for a year and is still establishing its clientele.

What do we think of the new name? Well, it certainly slips off the tongue a bit easier, but at the same time it's not especially memorable or catchy. Lucky for Cause, they have already proven that their club's value to the Lyn-Lake community is much more significant than any pithy name they might choose to attach to it.

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