Sauce/Cause switch leads to other 'changes'


As we reported earlier this week, the establishment formerly known as Sauce Spirits and Soundbar in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood will now be called Cause. In celebration of this reinvention, the bands and trivia team scheduled to throw a party at Cause on August 20 are swapping around their own names, as per an email we just received from Lean Koala Whales (whom we once knew as Halloween, Alaska).

Because it is every artist's responsibility to observe and blindly follow the latest trends, participants in this extraordinary gig hereby announce their own anagrammatic name changes. The August 20 lineup shall be recorded as follows:

Lean Koala Whales (formerly Halloween, Alaska)
Bison Grind (formerly No Bird Sing)
Spineless Comedy Hiccups featuring Mr. Norman (formerly Music Nerd Olympics featuring Sean McPherson)
sponsored by Tub Havoc Online (formerly The Onion A.V. Club) and Radio K (whose name change is still pending approval by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents)
9:30pm, $10, 21+ ID required

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