Saturday's benefit gig with Sparhawk, Mattson...

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bassist Tony Zaccardi: "We are having a benefit for our good friend Lucinda Teasley who was in a terrible car accident this summer. She is now paralyzed from the neck down. She somehow remains in good spirits! We are trying to raise some $$ to help her keep her house, and afford medical bills of the likes I hope to never see. Lucinda has been in the service industry in these here Twin Cities for a very long time. I have never met a bartender or waitress with insurance! We will be having a silent auction for guitars, beer stuff, all kinds of cool stuff, as well as food. There will be music from

Alan Sparhawk


Rich Mattson

(Ol' Yeller),

Alicia Corbett


Baby Grant Johnson

, and MANY more. This will be a great chance to see some good music, eat some great food, and show your support for a great person." SATURDAY OCTOBER 1ST 12:00 NOON,


, 2200 4th Street NE, Mpls, MN 55418, 612.789.7429.

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