Saruman to release metal album

Saruman to release metal album

Christopher Lee:Vampire, wizard, metal God.

Christopher Lee's filmography sometimes reads like a Mystery Science Theater wishlist. After generations of playing various baddies in B-grade movies, Lee made a huge splash in his later innings with a turn as Saruman, the naughty magician in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

And what does one do when one has that kind of career behind him? Why, release a symphonic metal album about the kingship of Charlemagne, of course. Think we're making it up? Head below the jump.

From yesterday's Guardian dispatch:

"To my surprise and indeed great pleasure, I have suddenly found that there is another string to my bow," Sir Christopher said in a video message. Due on 15 March, Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross features the 87-year-old singing and acting alongside a full orchestra, choir, and a large cast of undisclosed guest vocalists. "There's a lot of characters in this particular album," Lee explained. "A lot. There's Charlemagne himself of course, which I sing, and then there's young Charlemagne, Charlemagne's father, Charlemagne's brother, ... [even] the Pope."

So speaketh Saruman.

But the elderly Sir Lee's acumen may be a bit suspect. You can preview some material from the album, Charlemagne: By The Sword And the Cross if you dare. If you don't have the courage, we can safely say that Lee's concept of "metal" is comparable to Pat Boone's concept of "hard rock" (see the inscrutable No More Mr. Nice Guy to see what we mean).

Sounds more like the cast recording of an off Broadway musical to us, but hey. Who are we to question the metal credentials of an 87 year old supervillain? We're not interested in crossing Sarumon, thanks.

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