Sarah White unveils new album 'Space Madness'

Sarah White has certainly kept busy since she left Minneapolis for Brooklyn back in 2007. Though many in the Twin Cities may still know her best as one of the founding members of Black Blondie, she's actually spent far more time now as a solo artist, and her new Space Madness, is the second full-length solo album she's recorded since leaving her hometown.

As the title suggests,

Space Madness

seems to exist in another strata. On the slower songs, the downtempo beats and White's ethereal voice are reminiscent of Morcheeba, while some of the faster and more schizophrenic beats will appeal to fans of Janelle Monae -- and there's a little hip-hop flavor thrown into the mix, too. All of which is to say that White is showcasing a very eclectic and exquisite style of electro-soul, and the entire album is worth a listen.

You can stream the whole record below, and purchase it at a pay-what-you-can rate on her Bandcamp page.

And since we have Picked to Click on the brain, here's a bit of Sarah White trivia for you: When her group Black Blondie came in second in the 2006 Picked to Click poll, the band revealed that White was the inspiration behind Black Blondie's name.

And what about that name? Well, last fall, White and [Samahra] Linton were having drinks at Café Barbette on a night when White looked particularly striking, her hair done up "in a 'frohawk, with a really wicked outfit." An admiring Linton exclaimed, "You look like the black 'Blondie!'" After the words came out of her mouth, "her eyes lit up with excitement," remembers White. "We knew right then, before we had any band members but the two of us."

For more on White's history in the Twin Cities music scene, you can read Black Blondie's Picked to Click writeup here.

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