Sarah White talks to Gimme Noise about leaving the Twin Cities for Brooklyn

You might remember Sarah White as one of the first female lyricists putting it down in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene, working with the likes of Black Blondie, Kanser, and countless other artists and groups. A mother, wife, singer, emcee, photographer, writer and blogstress, White moved to Brooklyn several years ago with her family to continue feeding her already-thriving music and artistic career. White's current fusion sound mixes up a bit of soul, hip-hop, triphop, nujazz, rock and even folk. The streets of New York inspire her to stay on her game more than ever, and she has a brag list to prove it. City Pages took the C train to Brooklyn to see what she has been up to since relocating, and caught a behind the scenes glimpse of her recording in the studio with Rico/Dj Don Cuco.

Gimme Noise: What have you been up to since you left the Twin Cities for Brooklyn?

Sarah White: So much. I have been releasing music, working on new projects, networking, building, dreaming... and trying to keep a balance with the family life in BK. When we first moved to Brooklyn, I hit the ground running and basically jumped right into the scene with music and photography. There was so much new to see, so many people to build with and learn from... I felt unstoppable.

GN: Tell us about the Scion contest you won.

SW: First off, I have to give love to C-Rocka for pushing me to enter it. I'm not one for competitions, but I figured, what the ^&%$ do I have to loose? Basically, they started out with tons of singers and narrowed it down to 30. I had to write 3 original songs in 1 week, and perform them live with no effects, on camera and in front of industry judges, and be the best. Lucky for me, I won. I got a fat check (which bought Rico and I tickets to Barcelona for a month), recording equipment and a trip to Cali to record a track for a Scion AV Compilation. It drops next month. It was a huge blessing.

GN: Are there any places you frequent, or things that you do when you are missing the Twin Cities?

SW: Yes. That happens very often lately. I have found a few spots ran by Minneapolis people out in NYC, so I go eat there to get that Midwest vibe when I need it most. When I'm missing the music scene, I stalk everyone's Myspace pages and videos, in complete shock at how dope everyone looks in Minneap. I still think musicians there are far more experimental and emotional than most cities. They push the art in the music and I love it. Miss it. So.. I google it.


GN: What's hard to live without from the Twin Cities?

SW: The Wedge, Tao Foods, Bryant Lake Bowl's granola pancakes and egg sandwich with veggie sausage, Origami Sushi, Drea and Emerson, My family!!!, Lava Lounge, Smitten Kitten, block parties, backyards and discounted shopping. I'm drooling right now.

GN: What are your plans for 2010? Any new projects? What should we expect from Sarah White?

SW: Everyday I'm hustin'. Expect to see more music! I will be releasing an EP from my new acoustic project, Via Barcelona, along with my full length album, coming soon. Also watch out for the project with M.anifest (S & M) which I'm recording as we speak, and a few singles/remixes. I am also excited to dive back into hip-hop and getting back on my flows in 2010.

Download C-Train here, produced by DJ Don Cuco. Album cover by Lichiban.