Santigold glitters at First Ave

From her earrings to her hightops and eyeshadow, Santigold was all about the eye-catching precious metal at First Ave last night. The Brooklyn version of M.I.A. smiled through a set of stellar tracks from her 2008 self-titled release, dazzling the crowd with her charming stage manners and modest dance moves. Her back-up dancers were crazy amounts of entertaining, busting out moves to the singer's left and right. The show included a couple Amanda Blank cameos and even some unattractive audience participation.

Santigold is a stylish woman and her wears are all about head turns, but the evening's outfit of choice would lay flat in any lookbook. The form hiding jumpsuit was far from flattering, the mid-section donning a black and white lightning pattern. The band (drummer, guitars and keys) of men behind her even matched the pattern on their traditional African Kofia hats.

Santigold's ladies on the side were clad in their shimmering gold jackets and marching band trousers, staring stiff into the audience through their dark Ray-Bans. Their dance moves turned on and off, making them appear as robotic African dancers with relentless amounts of attitude. 

Santigold's music had a more ethnic quality at the live show than in the recorded version. The bass was hella loud throughout but the sound quality shone true on tracks like "Lights Out," "Unstoppable," "You'll Find A Way," and of course, "Creator." The lady of the night prefaced a couple tracks by saying they were from "the remix" album and if anyone knows where I can get these, I'd really like them in my personal collection.

The crowd was packed but not sold-out, making ample dancing space for all. Another one off the "remix" tracks, "Get It Up," was absolutely stellar, oozing energy in all forms, prefaced by some outstanding J-setting, a.k.a. some Soulja Boy type moves from Santigold's sidekicks.


For "Creator" Santigold invited up some lucky fans in the front to dance on-stage, calling them up by their shirt types: "sparkle shirt" and "lightning shirt." I can't say they were a very impressive bunch and when the song was in full swing, Santigold seemed to be surrounded by a band of Minnesota misfits.

The show ended with a second appearance from Amanda Blank and together they threw out another "nasty" track, "B.O.O.T.Y." Blank told the crowd to take notes from the dancers, who during the song did a fair share of shakin' it, bent over, palms to the floor.