Sadistik and Kristoff Krane debut 'Higher Brain'

When Seattle rapper Sadistik and hometown MC Kristoff Krane went on tour earlier this year, the pair felt an immediate connection and almost immediately started writing songs together on the road. 

The results of their work are pretty incredible: They started writing together in the tour van in May of this year, finished writing by the end of June, and recorded an entire album over three days at Sadistik's home in Seattle. The collaboration was inspired by a shared love of the beats of live instrumentalist Graham O'Brien, who produced the record, and the resulting 10-track collection, Prey for Paralysis, will be released on November 22.

To preview the new record, Sadistik and Krane have just released the track "Higher Brain," which takes things into significantly darker territory than Kristoff Krane's fans may be accustomed to. The video, too, is a little unsettling and bloody, but it makes for a nice accompaniment to their harsh, brooding sound. 

You can also download the track for free via Bandcamp here:

[via Sound Verite]

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