Sad Accordions tonight at Big V's


Say what you will about MySpace--it's the Detroit of the internet, yadda yadda--but it's still one of the easiest ways to sample music from new bands, and we're happy we stumbled over to the Sad Accordions' page today to do just that. One of the descriptors the band chose for their page is "melodramatic popular songs," and it's an oddly accurate depiction of this Austin, Texas group's sound: the melodies are stretched out over muted, meloncholy guitars and dampened keyboard mud, yet they are uplifting, somehow. Like listening to the Counting Crows played at the wrong speed after popping a valium. Or something.

Sample some of their songs on their MySpace page (recommended track: "Bottomless"), check out Erin Roof's preview from the print edition of City Pages below, and head down to Big V's tonight to hear them in person.

Sad Accordions may not be as downtrodden as their name suggests, but they do seem haunted by their surroundings. In "Mousetrap," Seth Woods sings, "I love you 'cause you lock the door," repeating the phrase until it slowly builds into desperate screaming. The song becomes an exercise in emotional elasticity--until the rubber band breaks and everything is at least quiet again, if not okay. Similarly, "Bottomless" sounds like the band is mourning a daydream that doesn't end the right way. Vocals linger above the luring soft static, while simple drum beats echo in reverb, steering listeners toward alleyways with unknown exits. If Sad Accordions are perplexed by the mysteries of daily life, they choose to cope by drowning their worries in lush tones and acceptance, and planting beauty above the question-mark gravestones. --Erin Roof

Sad Accordions play Big V's tonight with the Dee Use, Eye of the Great Protector, Small White, and Knickbit. 21+.