Ryan Paul and the Ardent morphs into new group, Sleep Study


"After three good years, RPTA has decided to call it quits," reads an ominous message on the band's website. Though he had built up a small and avid following under his Ryan Paul and the Ardent moniker (see: our profile from last year), lead singer Ryan Paul Plewacki says that, unbenownst to his fans, his show last month would be his last as RPTA and that he has already set his sights on a new endeavor.

[jump] "I changed my sound again," Plewacki told us earlier this month. "It's louder now - has an edge - gritty." His new project will be called Sleep Study, and he says it's a more collaborative project with musicians Cory Eischen (RPTA, Mayda, ELnO), Joe Downing (Minor Kingdom), and Alexander Young (Bella Ruse).

Though they haven't yet played their first gig together, Sleep Study has already lined up the Honeydogs' Adam Levy to produce their first record, which they will begin recording later this summer.

Sleep Study's first gig is next Friday, June 24 at the Nomad with the Big Strong Men, Al Church and State, and Bethany Larson and the Bees Knees (21+, $5, 9pm).